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select work from 2004
“Our Simple Selves”
"Untitled - Summer 2005”
“It's Nice to Talk Like Everybody Else”
“Cuentos de Hadas: Fairytales”
The ephemeral, the overlooked and the discarded, the backgrounds of our lives, contemporary society’s compulsion with home renovation and decoration is prevalent throughout my works of art.The materials that I use reflect the mass production of sentiment and social expectations levied upon individuals to partake in these endeavors.

Décor selection presents itself as the milieu of choice turning out to be an illusion underscored by minutiae. These aspects of the domestic sphere, where the manifestation of nostalgia and longing come into focus only to re-dissolve into abstraction is what my works of art explore. Sentiment remains intangible, allusive and fleeting, yet incessantly present, speaking of what our home lives and what our experience of self "should" be.

Target: Girl > Swag: Steel < Swag: Floor
Space Between 50 Daisies for Diane Leaf
Small Wreath Slab: Lace