Bill Drummond


In 2009 I was invited to be one of the guest artist at the first Ghetto Biennale in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted to achieve in the week that I was going to spend there. I had no idea how my week there was going to influence my work over the coming year. Below are some links to pages on my Penkiln Burn site and The17 site, these will take you through to some of this work or at least documentation of the work.

The17 site
Click on the Port-au-Prince link

The Penkiln Burn site
Click on Haitian Kreyòl link at bottom of page
Click on Haitian Kreyòl link at bottom of page

At the PHOTOGRAPH section of the Penkiln Burn CATALOGUE, there are a number of categories that contain Port-au-Prince photos, all of which relate to what I have been doing over the past year. The problem with these at the moment is, they do not have specific links. I hope to sort this out. In the mean time  you have to click on the CATATLOGUE link below and then click on PHOTOGRAPHS and then scroll down the page looking for headings that relate to Port-au-Prince.