John Cussans’ Photos


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Ghetto Biennale Sign


Grand Rue, Port-au-Prince


Site of Ghetto Biennale, Grand Rue



Guede at the Dump

Ghetto Biennale Event

TV works by Bazil Ronald (aka Cheby)

Jana Evans Braziel at the Children's Gallery of the Ghetto Biennale

Reggie Jean Francois, Manager of Tap Tap project at home in Cité Soleil

Tap Tap Crew

Tap Tap in Carrefours, Port-au-Prince

After dark at the Ghetto Biennale

Street sign


Plaza Italia, Port-au-Prince

Street in Carrefour area, Port-au-Prince

Evening view West, Port-au-Prince


An Haiti-London Konbit group for circulating information about Haiti Solidarity events:


A talk called 'Our Debt to Haiti' at a Free School event in Brixton: details on the Zombie Diaspora blog. Can be read below: