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my, your, yes










내, 네, 네 [nae, neh, neh]

my, your, yes



beem, empty







빔 [beem]

1. new clothes

2. empty








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us, pen







우리 [oori]

1. our

2. pen (for animals)






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merit, empty







공/운 [gong/oon]

gong: 1. merit, 2. empty

oon: 1.luck







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visa, VISA







자비/비자 [jabi/bija]

jabi: mercy

bija: 1. visa 2. VISA







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My Korea Study

In the October of 2012, I decided to study Korea: my curiosity, the long lost memories, the Korean sentiment, how I am Korean, and how I am not Korean. I started a journal where I wrote exclusively in Korean. New connections were made, and what I thought was going to happen did not happen. This is what happened in the first months. This series is called “judgmental broadsides.” They are a visual study of Korean words that have multiple meanings such as “빔: new clothes/empty,” “우리: us/animal pen,” or “내/네/네: my/your/yes.”

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