On Painting:

My main concern is in identity: the construction and deconstruction of a person: role playing, breaking stereotype, and rebuilding the self. I am interested in how culture can manifests itself in our bodies. How it takes over and can become the squatter you never asked for. How it can dominate and contradict your personal freedom, your clear thinking abilities, and your peace of mind. I am also intrigued by the shear amount of comfort people find in habits, rituals, and traditions that link them to the past, a community, and another something larger than themselves.

My current endeavor has lead me to the process of making paintings that are in spirit like the Buddhist Mandalas dedicated to meditation. The constant balancing act of the self versus the world, self and the other, self and the lover, self and the child are the main plots of my meditation.

I honor process. My paintings are the outcome and by product of my pursuits. These pursuits include: finding a balance in contradiction, finding harmony in chaos, finding where the con-temporary and history co-exist—breathing the same air, living, dying, and re-birthing within the same space. Pursuits to try and understand crimes, punishments, redemption, and love. Mistakes and how to fix it. The relationship between surface and the underlying history of love, surviving, being, dominance, giving in, giving up, letting go, moving on and returning home.

I honor process like I honor time.

Yoon Soo Lee